Artist’s Statement

Eva F. Cross creates art work for inside homes, gardens and patios.

She was raised and educated in Germany. For much of her life Eva has lived in Minnesota and continued to make art even while life was full as a wife, mom and teacher of German. Art History has been her intense interest and viewing art has always been an active part of her life. In Kassel Germany she loves to see the Documenta. She visits local and national museums as much as possible, may that be LA, London, New York or the Hermitage.

She now spends her winters with her husband in Oro Valley, AZ and continues her abstract, expressionistic art work. Her later work includes local sand in mixed media on panels or canvas often organic, floral shapes are part of her paintings. For years her work was privately held and now she has decided to show to the public.

Eva thinks that any art work, ancient, old or new, has the power to strike a chord with the viewer’s inner harmony. This, in turn, shifts our awareness and compassion. How else can we see such works by Kate Kollwitz and not see the hurt, drama, helplessness of war?

As an artist Eva attempts to bring harmony to her paintings.